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Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking: Five Easy Family Hikes

If you plan a family getaway, why not head to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking and experiencing the amazing scenery all around. With diverse and stunning trails, it is not hard to see why this park is so popular. And though some hikes can be quite challenging, the park also has some that are geared perfectly towards nice and relaxing family outings. On these ones, the little ones can come along and have fun too. Below are a few suggestions on hiking for the entire family.

Bear Lake

If you are a first time visitor, this is generally the first place you head. This is an easy jaunt for everyone to handle. You catch the shuttle bus at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center and it will take you to the Bear Lake Trailhead. From there, you can take a stroll around the lake (0.5 miles) or, if you and your family are up for it, the longer hike to Alberta Falls (1.6 miles). This hike provides you with scenic views of glacial valleys and colossal granite peaks.

Lake Irene Trail

This is an easy trail to hike just over Trail Ridge Road. From the parking area near the Milner’s Pass Trailhead, you can stroll to Lake Irene. Less than one-mile roundtrip, this hike offers a choice of 8 picnic areas. Before or after your snack, you and your children can wander the surroundings. There are soft meadows to romp in and forests to explore nearby.

Coyote Valley

This one-mile hike enters a valley and follows along the banks of the Colorado River. From here, you can see the Never Summer Mountains. You and your family may catch sight of moose and various species of songbirds. Depending upon the season, the meadow is replete with wildflowers in bloom. In winter, try out your new skis.

This is the perfect hike for families with small kids and baby strollers. The paths can handle them without any issues. This area also has picnic tables for those who want to sit and enjoy the surroundings. Coyote Valley also features several exhibitions on the trail to help you learn more about the region.

Adams Falls Trail

Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking would not be right without a visit to a waterfall. This easy hike involves some uphill climbing to reach the Falls, but the distance is short. The starting point is the East Inlet Trailhead. From here, it is only 0.3 miles to the Falls. From there, you can watch the water as it rushes swiftly and beautifully down into the river. You can turn back too. Follow along a loop further up (either way making the entire trip less than one mile,) or extend your hike by following the river for another half-mile.

Alluvial Fan Trail

This out-and-back trail is another easy hike of less than a mile round trip. You can witness the impact of the Lawn Lake flood of 1982 in Rocky Mountain National Park. Giant boulders stand upright, trees surround the area, a shallow lake (unofficially Fan Lake) remains (although slowly ebbing away), and a stream provides children with a splash point. This area has been susceptible to flooding so be sure to check before you visit.

Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking

If you have children, you will always find something to do in this park. With more than 355 miles of trails available for hiking, visitors easily find something to match their level and interest. If you have any questions, simply go online for information. Whether families, newbies or professionals, Rocky Mountain National Park hiking has something for everyone.

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