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Roadside Recovery: Even Superheroes Sometimes Need A Hand

It can happen to anyone, anywhere: you are driving along, humming aimlessly to the beat of your favorite tune, when BAM! your car suddenly jerks to the side, veering you dangerously into the next lane. Terrified, you hurriedly steer your way to the curb, navigating passer-by and thanking your lucky stars to have survived the worst of the worst.

At B&L Recovery and Towing, we know how scary it can be to break down, and offer an extensive array of services uniquely designed to help in your time of need. No matter the make or model, we offer roadside and recovery care when you need it most.

Time To Call A Tow

We get it, you don’t want to admit defeat. Unfortunately, struggling to drive on a flat spare or flagging down a stranger for a jump are neither sensible nor safe, and are liable to lead to more trouble than they’re worth. To avoid exacerbating damage, just admit it: you need a tow.

Holy Roadside Recovery, Batman!

At B&L, we take pride in our work, and are eager to provide service to anyone who needs our help. From truckers on a long haul to Batman himself, we will happily come to your assistance and get you back on the road (or at least off of it, to safety).

Whether you drive a big rig or the Batmobile, B&L Recovery and Towing is here when you need a hand. After all, even superheroes sometimes need a hand.

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