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Risks To Marble

You may think that marble, being stone, is pretty hardy stuff, able to withstand anything that people, pets or children can throw at it. However, marble is what’s known as a calcareous stone, like onyx. It’s made of calcium carbonate, which means it reacts badly to acid. It’s not likely that you’ll be pouring bottles of sulphuric acid onto your bathroom counters, but you may be surprised how many common things around the house are acidic and can cause damage to marble. You can easily end up with unsightly stains in your marble, or with marks etched into the surface. Those will need to be removed by specialist marble cleaning products, or you may need to bring in a marble cleaning company to restore the original finish.

If you do have a problem, don’t despair. There are local companies for marble cleaning in Hammersmith And Fulham who can help you!

* Cleaning products such as bleach can be extremely damaging. Never use harsh chemicals on marble, and don’t use them undiluted.

* In bathrooms, toothpaste & mouthwash can leave marks on your counter tops or sinks. Always clean up after you use the bathroom. Teach your kids to clean up too – or else make sure you go in after them and check!

* Cosmetics often contain chemicals that attack marble. Even things like nail polish remover can eat into the surface. When you’re applying make-up, don’t leave cotton wool balls or tissues with residues directly on the marble counter: put them straight into the bin, or have a small dish for putting your rubbish in

* Moisture is a major cause of damage. Water brings out the iron in marble, and causes it to stain. Wipe up spills right away, especially when you take a bath or shower. Puddles on the floor are the quickest way to ruin your marble bathroom.

* Wet towels & flannels should never be left directly on marble surfaces. Always hang them up, and make sure they’re not dripping onto anything that could be damaged.

* Rings from cups or glasses can damage marble as easily as they can damage wood. Always use a coaster – and not a beer mat which can retain moisture.

* Pet urine can be highly acidic. It’s not a problem you’re likely to have to worry about often, but if your cat or dog does have an accident on your marble floor, make sure you clean it up well – and remember the guidelines about cleaning products!

* Wax polishes should never be used on white marble, as they cause a buildup of dirt and can result in staining.


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