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Reviewing Laws Pertaining To Auto Liability Insurance In Nassau County, NY

New York drivers are required to purchase auto insurance as defined in local traffic laws. These requirements are in place to reduce the potential of accident-related lawsuits. However, coverage doesn’t guarantee that litigation isn’t a probability. With auto liability insurance in Nassau County NY, the auto owners meet the basic requirements.

What are the Current Requirements for Auto Insurance?

Currently, the state requires at least $10,000 for any property damage resulting from an auto accident. It should provide varying coverage values based on the total number of injured individuals. For single injury accidents, the coverage should equate to $25,000 with $50,000 worth of coverage if the victim dies. If there are additional victims, the policy should provide a total of $50,000 plus $100,000 if a fatality is produced.

When Do Drivers Need Proof of Insurance Coverage?

Drivers need proof of insurance in their vehicle at all times. They present this proof to law enforcement during routine traffic stops and checkpoints. A failure to provide proof could present them with a traffic violation and a hefty fine.

These vehicle owners are also required to present proof of coverage when registering a new vehicle. All counties require valid insurance policies before they can register the vehicle. Equally, the owner must present this proof when they are renewing their tag.

What Could Happen if the Owner Doesn’t have Insurance?

At any time that there is a lapse in coverage, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to penalize the vehicle owner. The penalty is determined by the length of time in which the vehicle wasn’t covered to the date in which coverage was re-established. If the motor vehicle owner doesn’t acquire coverage, they could receive the full penalty of no insurance.

New York drivers are required by law to buy and maintain at least liability coverage. Any failure to acquire adequate insurance could result in a hefty fine for this traffic violation. Additionally, if an uninsured motorist is the cause of an accident, he or she could receive civil penalties. Drivers who need to purchase Auto Liability Insurance in Nassau County NY should visit Ginsbergagency.com for a free quote.

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