Retaining Wall Installations in Roswell, GA, Between Residential Properties Feb26


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Retaining Wall Installations in Roswell, GA, Between Residential Properties

In some cases, landscaping changes and improvements require some cooperation between neighbors. One example would be having trees trimmed when the bucket truck must travel through a neighbor’s yard. Another would be having a retaining wall built between two residential properties. Contractors who provide retaining wall installations in Roswell, GA, can answer questions from the property owner and the next-door neighbor.

Elevation of the Property

The potential effects of this wall on the neighboring property depend on which lot is at a higher elevation. This also explains some of the motivation for retaining wall installations in Roswell, GA.

Property owners at a lower elevation may want to manage drainage coming from the lot above them. There may be too much rainfall streaming down into their yard. If the retaining wall is being constructed for the higher-elevation property, the goal may be to effectively end a slope at that point and stop erosion.

A Conversation About Design

Since the structure will be close to the property line and will have an aesthetic impact on the neighboring property, it’s considerate to have a conversation about design. Retaining walls can look quite lovely when designed and built by skilled individuals.

The Best Materials for Aesthetics

Long-lasting features are generally constructed of red brick or natural stone, although some homeowners choose concrete bricks, blocks or solid walls. The stone and red brick options are generally more appealing for residential landscaping. The project can be designed and completed by Service First Landscapes, which provides information about its work.

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