Retaining Profesional IRS Tax Lawyers to Defend You in a Tax Audit Mar23


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Retaining Profesional IRS Tax Lawyers to Defend You in a Tax Audit

Getting a letter in the mail that you are going to be audited can be nerve wracking and downright frightening. You are afraid of going to jail or being so heavily fined that you can never pay off what you owe to the federal government. However, just as with a court appearance, you have the right to defend yourself and have counsel appear with you. These benefits come with retaining one of the Chicago IRS tax lawyers to defend you in an audit.

Assertive Defense Tax lawyers have the licensing and credentials to defend you in front of a tax auditor. The auditor will shower you with confusing and complex questions that you are not sure how to answer. Your attorney will ensure that you do not incriminate yourself or answer a question in a way that makes you responsible for paying more fines or taxes.

The lawyer can match wits with the auditor and also launch an assertive defense of your case. The auditor knows that he or she cannot violate your rights or confuse you because you have an attorney by your side. Your lawyer can also argue down how much that you owe and could get the entire audit dropped and resolved in your favor. You can set up a free consultation with one of these Chicago IRS tax lawyers before you put him or her on retainer. Contact North Suburban Legal Services LLC, for information.

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