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Restore That Failing Roof Using Experienced Roofing Contractors in Piscataway NJ

The primary function of the roof is to protect the building from the elements. However, the very elements that the roof keeps out can also damage it. Severe storms, high winds, rain, sleet and hail are all hazardous to a roof and some roofing types are more vulnerable than others. For instance, the BUR (built up roofing) solution used on many low-sloped roofs can suffer severe damage in a major hail storm. The impact damage can vary from minor fractures to major tears. BUR roofs are multiple layers of roofing membrane covered with asphalt. The number of layers will vary, but the minimum is three and the maximum is based on the strength of the supporting joists and decking. Roofing Contractors in Piscataway NJ can quickly repair a BUR roof by adding a new layer.

The roof on a home is a different story. Most of these roofs are composite structures that are made with a skeleton of joists and rafters covered by a layer of decking and a water resistant membrane. The actual membrane is important because a leak on the roof can damage the decking and this can result in an expensive repair. Decking on the roof is typically an engineered wood such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. OSB is much more common in new homes because the wood is less expensive. However, it also has more problems when it gets wet. A leak in the roof that reaches the decking can cause the wood to swell. This often results in the shingles cupping, which normally requires professional Roofing Contractors in Piscataway NJ to repair correctly.

Repairs to a roof are possible if the roofing is not too old or the damage is minimal. This process typically involves the replacement of a few shingles or new caulking around roofing details and flashing. More extensive damages or older shingles may force a roof replacement. At this point, the property owner will need to make a decision. There are several types of roof coverings available such as composite shingles, slate, cedar shake or copper. The best solution may actually depend on the home because its architectural style can be affected by the appearance of the roof. Visit Badger Roofing Inc. to learn more about roofing solutions.

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