Residential Steel Windows in Cherry Hill, NJ Enhance Structural Integrity

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Doors and Windows

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If you want a strong window that melds well with the architecture of your home, you should choose steel. Not only do steel windows feature narrow sightlines but the strength they offer cannot be matched by such materials as aluminum, vinyl, or wood. That is why steel windows are often chosen by architects. Windows made of the material are not only distinctive but they are also long-lasting.

For example, residential windows made of steel are three times stronger than windows made of aluminum. Not only that, but installation is problem-free when residential steel windows in Cherry Hill, NJ are used as replacement upgrades. The use of steel windows and doors adds to the structural integrity and appearance of a variety of home designs.

High-Performance Window Panes

Many times, residential steel windows are used in historic renovations. Window replacements can be customized so they match the historical requirements of a building or residence. The durability of the windows is guaranteed, given their pre-treatments and factory finishes.

The pretreatments and topcoats make steel window replacements virtually maintenance-free. Some of the finishes include powder coatings, urethane enamels, electro-coat (e-coat) primers, and galvanizing treatments. Windows also feature enhanced weather-striping along with glazed and high-performance window panes.

An Ideal Replacement for a Wood Window Frame

When residential steel windows are used as replacements, they often replace wood window designs. Not only are the sightlines improved but the durability, again, cannot be surpassed. Choose a steel window to replicate the aesthetic look of wood but provide extra integrity.

To learn more about steel windows for your home, contact a full-service company such as South Jersey Glass & Door Co. If you want to make a dramatic improvement in the performance and looks of your windows, it pays to strongly consider steel. The window is one upgrade that will make a big difference in the quality and appearance of your home’s design.

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