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Residential Hazards of Water Damage

Water damage can take its toll on a home, causing irreversible damage to walls, floors and ceilings. Many times, the homeowner is unaware that water is ruining parts of their home. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or basement seepage, water can result in costly damages and produce many hazards to those who reside in the house. If you’ve noticed any damage in your home caused by water, it’s crucial to contact an experienced restoration professional to take care of the problem. When it comes to residential water damage, San Francisco restoration experts have the skill and experience to prevent a potentially hazardous environment.

Structural Instability
Excessive amounts of water in the home can result in structural damage. Water can cause wallboards to disintegrate and support columns to slowly tilt and twist. Wood can become rotted, swelled or warped and floors, stairs and even roofs can bulge and collapse due to trapped water. Electrical systems in the home can malfunction or short out due to moisture.

Damaged Possessions
Not only does the home itself suffer, but also the furniture and other possessions in the home. Silt and mud can cause valuables to get moist and dirty. Excess moisture and wetness causes wallpaper and paint to peel and panels to warp. Floor tiles can be lifted as water removes glue and carpets can become rotted and stained. Even your furniture can become ruined if allowed to sit in water for an extended period of time. Fragile items, such as books, paintings and photographs can easily be damaged.

Health Hazards
If damage is not quickly treated, the abundant moisture can cause mold to grow. Mold growth and spores in the air can lead to serious health risks. Molds can also add to the destruction that water wrecks on the home, growing on wood, rugs, wallpaper and other moist areas. It’s important to eliminate these molds and spores to prevent health dangers.

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