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by | Aug 8, 2013 | Doors & Windows

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Replacing windows today involves more than just standard windows. Now homeowners have many options for decorative, energy-efficient, and odd-sized and shaped windows. Customized options for Replacement Window In New Jersey services are also available for residential and commercial customers. The following will cover some of the windows you can choose for your home.

Garden Windows

If you want to start an herb garden in your kitchen, you might want to consider a garden window. These windows may also be called greenhouse windows since they are designed to allow you to put plants in them and they provide ample natural sunlight for them. Garden windows are also aesthetically pleasing and can add value to your home.

Bay Windows

Replacement Window In New Jersey services include the installation of bay windows. Bay windows are decorative inside and outside and they can really brighten up and open up a room. They are ideal for living rooms, dens, and master bedrooms. These windows have an interior ledge upon which you can place plants or other decorative elements.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are elegant and provide a lot of natural light for a room. These can include casement or double hung windows on each side so you can open them to let fresh air in when the weather permits. This kind of Replacement Window In New Jersey is perfect for a living room, formal dining room, or any room with a great view.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are great replacements for old, worn out windows and are decorative as well as highly functional. They are great for any room and are elegant-looking as well as energy-efficient.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliders can come in two or three sliding options and are very energy efficient. Much like the bay and picture windows, this style opens up a room and lets in the natural light. They are great for master bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere you want to let in the light.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are wonderful for ventilation in any room. They are elegant and functional especially on breezy, beautiful days. Any living room or other large room in your home will look and feel great with a casement Replacement Window In New Jersey.



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