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Replace your residential windows and save money on your utility bills

One the biggest expenses faced by Laurel MD homeowners and businesses is the utility bill, and most of that goes on heating and cooling your house or office. Anything you can do to cut those bills is worth looking into. There are some easy first steps – just nudging that thermostat up or down by a degree can make a big difference to your monthly electricity usage. And there’s no need to keep the entire building at the optimum comfortable temperature when there’s nobody in it. But when you’ve gone through the basics, you can still save even more money by modifying the infrastructure of your building to handle temperature more efficiently. One option to consider is replacement window Laurel MD.

Scientists have shown that up to 70% of a building’s heat can be lost through the windows. If your windows are loose, or the glass is thin, it’s almost as if you’ve got huge gaping holes in your walls. Replacement windows will insulate those gaps and give you better quality glass that holds heat better.

When you’re looking at replacement windows, it’s worth thinking about whether Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) would be better than standard glass windows. IGUs are more commonly known as “double paned” windows or “double glazing”. They’re standard across most of Northern Europe, where the climate is very similar to Laurel MD, since they’re so good at keeping your house warm in cold weather.

How it works
Glass is an excellent conductor of heat, so when it’s cold outside, the heat from your home can easily pass through a single pane of glass. When it’s hot outside, the heat from outside warms your house very quickly.

Double paned windows have two panes of glass set into a sealed unit with a small gap between them. Air is a poor conductor, so the heat can’t pass through nearly as effectively. This means that your home or office stays warm in cold weather and stays cool on hot summer days, and your heating (and cooling) bills are dramatically reduced.

Double paned replacement windows have other advantages too. You’ll notice a huge reduction in noise from outside, which is a major bonus if you live near a busy roadway. And on those cold Laurel MD mornings, you’ll notice a lot less condensation on the inside of your windows. Condensation is the inevitable result of warm vapors from the interior of your house colliding with colder outside surfaces – a single-pane window on a cold day or a cold glass of beer. Since the interior window pane doesn’t get anywhere near as cold, the warm air doesn’t touch a surface that causes condensation.
Liberty Windows & Siding, Inc offers energy efficient replacement windows in the Laurel MD area.

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