Repair Issues with Your Commercial Air Conditioner near Winfield

Keeping a commercial building cool and comfortable is an important responsibility for building owners. When problems develop with the commercial air conditioner near Winfield, a building can quickly become uncomfortable. It is imperative building owners are able to recognize the signs of problems with their AC system so they will know when to call in the professionals for repair.

Signs a Commerical AC System Needs Repair

There are a few different signs that may begin to occur when there are repair issues with a commercial air conditioner near Winfield. Prompt repairs are always essential or further damage could be done to the unit. The following are some of the signs that should never be ignored.

  • When the AC system is turned on, it should have a normal hum of operation. Strange and loud noises are not normal and should be checked by a professional. Often, these sounds are occurring because there are loose or damaged parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • When an air conditioning system is blowing out warm air, this is a sign of major problems. The system needs to be shut down right away and the owner should call the professionals for repairs. A lack of coolant is one of the most common causes of this issue.
  • Building owners may also notice their building is staying warmer than normal. If it seems the AC system is no longer able to properly cool the space, repairs are likely needed.
  • There are times an AC system could begin emitting bad smells. If a system is not working properly, mold growth could occur. Wiring problems cause a burning smell. If the system smells like smoke, it should be cut off right away because this could mean a fire hazard.

Schedule a Repair

If you have noticed any of the above, it is time to seek repairs right away. Contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling they will be happy to schedule an appointment. Allow them to expertly handle all of your repair needs for heating and cooling. They will work to quickly diagnose the problem so it can be repaired right away.

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