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Repair And Replacement Of Auto Glass In Colorado Springs CO

An acorn falling from a tree branch or a rock flying out of a passing dump truck is all it takes to chip a panel of Auto Glass Colorado Springs CO. Regardless of how small the initial damage may be, that one chip can grow and spread across the entire glass panel. Law enforcement officials routinely give tickets for broken windshields, so failing to have the problem repaired in a timely manner could lead to costly fines.

For a professional, Windshield Repairs In Colorado Springs CO are a fast, simple task. The windshield will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or debris. A high quality, clear resin will be applied to the chipped area. Once the resin is set, the repaired area will be indistinguishable from the undamaged glass surrounding it. This resin restores strength to the damaged glass and typically lasts several years.

While resin provides a solution for small chips, some damage is too extensive to be repaired using this type of substance. For widespread damage, the glass will need to be replaced. This procedure is also a simple matter for those who possess the proper knowledge and equipment.

When replacing windshields and back glasses, the damaged panel will first need to be removed. Some panels can easily be removed using a specialized tool that will break the seal holding the glass in place. Others are held in place by a rubbery silicone substance and require a little more time and effort. In cases such as those, a glass removal machine will be used.

This type of machine generates heat. The heating element is placed strategically around the edges of the glass being removed, effectively softening the silicone. Once the original bead of silicone has been heated, the glass can easily be lifted away. A fresh bead of silicone will be distributed, the new glass panel will be installed and a new rubber or metal seal will be placed around the glass.

The silicone will need a few hours to harden before the vehicle is driven, but after the new Auto Glass Colorado Springs CO is securely set, the vehicle owner can enjoy a windshield free of damage or leaks. Repairs and replacement glass are often covered by insurance, eliminating any out of pocket expenses for the owner.

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