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Reliable Cosmetology School Bonds in Phoenix

Most states are required to post a bond to get a license to operate a school of cosmetology. These bonds are classified as surety bonds, and they protect the students fees paid to the school.

A cosmetology school bond varies by state. In most cases there is a minimum bond amount required by state statutes. In some states are required post a bond in the amount based on the gross tuition receipts. Once the state receives the bond and after rating the program, it will grant the school it’s license.

Cosmetology School Bonds

Not all surety bonds are the same. Most surety companies have its own underwriting plans as in Cosmetology School Bonds in Phoenix. It is recommended that the surety broker understands what is required for a cosmetology bond as there are many variations. The cost of the bonds varies by state. The average begins at about $10,000 which is the minimum amount for cosmetology schools.

Most surety bonds involve the agreement of three principles. They are:

1. The Principal – the party who conducts the legal obligations
2. The Obligee – the party receives the bond which is often a government office
3. The Surety – this person guarantees that the company will meet the standards as required by the school and cosmetology industry.

These agreements protect the cosmetology student in that the school is obligated to meet the standards and provide the education it is mandated to do. The bond provides some safety and assurance the school will meet these standards and provide a proper program.

School bonds

There are two main types of cosmetology surety bond types: One is called a contract bond and the other a commercial Bond. The contract bond guarantees a contract created between the student and the school. This bond is issued based on the performance. The commercial bond guarantees the terms of the contract.

Cosmetology school bonds in Phoenix is a bond provider. In applying for the bond, the interest rate will be dependent on the credit rating of the person or company buying the bond. The buyer must have a credit rating of at least a 700 score. This doubly ensures the standards of the school as well as the credentials of those running the program. For more information, contact us.

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