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Rehabilitation and Exercise for Knee Pain Management in Fall River, MA

Rehabilitation and exercise for knee pain management are essential. If you need knee pain treatment in Fall River, MA, this article is for you.

The knee forms one of the body’s largest and most complicated joints. It’s no surprise that knee discomfort is widespread. Your knees may become worn out from daily activities. The knees experience strain while walking, equivalent to 261 percent of the body’s weight. Taking the stairs down puts pressure on the body, equal to 346 percent of its weight. It makes sense that up to 40 percent of physical therapy appointments come from knee pain.

Although osteoarthritis and aging are major causes of joint pain, knee pain can affect people of any age. Anterior knee discomfort, often known as knee cap pain, can be brought on by weak, tight, or unbalanced muscles. The pain in the knees may also be due to inflamed tendons.

Swimming, stretching, and water aerobics are all low-impact workouts for knee pain relief. Additionally helpful is an elliptical trainer or fitness bike. For the majority of people, these knee workouts are easy and secure. Other activities, including lunges and squats, strengthen the knees. They can also harm them if performed improperly.

When performing knee exercises, begin with a low rep count and increase it gradually. Stop moving if you experience pain while doing so. You are overextending it if your exercise routine leaves you so exhausted that you have difficulties moving. After exercising, gently stretching your muscles will keep them flexible.

If you need rehabilitation and exercise for knee pain management, contact QC Kinetix (Fall River) for knee pain treatment in Fall River, MA.

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