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Regular Check-Ups, Veneers Rockville and Implants Can Improve Your Dental Health

What is happening inside your mouth can be a window to your overall health. Did you know your mouth is swarming with bacteria, similar to many areas of the body? A recent study indicated people with significant gum disease had a 40% greater chance of having a chronic condition. Brushing and flossing daily, in addition to Dental Care Service Rockville every six months is considerably important; not only for the health of the mouth but for the health of the body as well.

Clearly, the type of dental work a person will need depends on the condition of the individual’s teeth. The common first step is to have an oral examination with a general dentist. The oral examination will consist of the patient’s mouth being thoroughly looked over for any visible problems. Lastly, a complete set of mouth x-rays will be taken to see if there are any problems that cannot be seen on the surface. Following the initial oral exam the dentist will then discuss what other dental procedures might be required, or not.

If you are looking to improve your smile, Veneers Rockville can successfully do that. Teeth can become subject to many unwanted problems, such as: worn down, chipped teeth, noticeable spaces, poorly shaped teeth, permanently discolored and slightly crooked teeth. Veneers can improve these issues; they are made of thin porcelain or plastic custom shells that cover each tooth. The average Veneers Rockville cost is $700 to $1,200 per tooth and they last between 5 and 10 years; the veneers will need replacing after those time periods.

Dental implants are another considerably, involved and more expensive procedure that can correct undesirable dental problems. Implants are a alternative to bridges and removable dentures; they cost between $1,500 to $3,00 per tooth. A titanium metal is surgically inserted into the jawbone by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, after healing a tooth-like crown is then placed on the implant. Implants involve several steps and you should schedule a consultation appointment with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to discuss your options.

If dental issues like these are concerning you, make an appointment with your general dentist to discuss the best treatment plan that will make you happy and smile.

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