Record Houston Summer Means Overworked AC Units

On September 13, 2011, Houston saw yet another heat record broken with a high of 102°. That meant that in 2011, Houston saw its earliest 102-degree day ever and its latest ever: June 5 and September 13, respectively. In addition to those two record setting days, the entire summer of 2011 was the hottest recorded summer in the Houston area with more than 45 days over 100 degrees. All of this record breaking heat meant that AC units throughout Houston ran almost continuously through the spring, summer, and into the autumn months.

AC units are like any other pieces of machinery; they need regular check-ups and maintenance. This is especially true if they have seen intensive use. Those in the Houston area have certainly seen more than their fair share of use lately. Consequently, anyone who owns an AC unit should contact their air conditioning repair service to service their unit. Servicing your unit on a regular basis will keep a repair that could cost a lot of money in the future from occurring. In addition, routine maintenance will enable your AC unit to run more efficiently, thus reducing energy costs. It is much better to have your unit serviced as a matter of course than to have to make an emergency call for a repair when the temperature is reaching the century mark.

Hopefully the coming years will not be the incredible record breakers in terms of high temperatures that this last one has been, but even still, the warm and humid climate of Houston calls for air conditioning use more of the year than not. Do not take your AC unit for granted. Not only do high temperatures make for very uncomfortable days if your unit is not working properly, but excessive heat can also be unhealthy. High indoor temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and fainting. The heat is especially dangerous for the elderly and those with breathing difficulties. An AC unit in good repair and properly maintained can help to ensure that you do not put yourself or your family members at risk for any heat related illnesses when the mercury in the thermometer is rising.

In December, ACrepair or maintenance may be the farthest thing from your mind. But that is precisely the reason why it’s timely to call and schedule an appointment for a service check of your unit. Your AC unit tends to your comfort during the hottest of Houston temperatures. Take the time to return that care today to make sure that your AC unit continues to run smoothly.

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