Recognizing the Dangers of Your North Hollywood Car Accident Feb14


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Recognizing the Dangers of Your North Hollywood Car Accident

If you were in a recent accident in North Hollywood, you need to know what are the most common serious injuries in car accidents. Some injuries may not appear until much later, or worse, injuries don’t produce pain but instead create fatal internal bleeding.

North Hollywood auto accident lawyers want you to be prepared for the seriousness of your accident.

What Are the Most Common Serious Injuries in Car Accidents?

Head trauma is definitely serious. You may have damage to your brain or your neck vertebrae that you can’t see or really feel. For example, a countrecoup injury to your brain is a smack to the front or back of your head that results in a reverse movement of your brain inside your skull. The end result is severe bruising, bleeding and swelling of your brain that can lead to death. Most people don’t realize this has happened and only experience it as a bad headache.

That is why it is so important to go to a hospital and get checked out after a serious car accident. You have no idea what is going on inside your body or your brain as a result of an accident. Other serious injuries include major bone fractures, torn ligaments, dislocated joints, and severe internal bleeding.

Do What the North Hollywood Auto Accident Lawyers Advise

First and foremost, absolutely request to go to the hospital. Run the entire exam in the E.R. Then save all documentation and medical bills. Take everything to Ourfalian and Ourfalian Attorneys at Law.

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