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Reasons For Using A Dental Mouth Guard In Tulsa, OK

In Oklahoma, dental professionals offer helpful devices that lessen pain and discomfort. Common dental conditions produce uncomfortable effects while patients sleep. The most common problems are teeth grinding, sleep apnea, and TMJ. Local dental professionals offer a Dental Mouth Guard in Tulsa OK to manage the conditions.

Stopping Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding often leads to severe tooth damage. It affects the molars most often and leads to tooth loss if the condition isn’t managed properly. The patients cannot control the condition, and it is a common sign of stress. The teeth grinding often occurs when the patients are asleep. Dentists prescribe mouth guards to prevent tooth damage due to grinding.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a condition that prevents patients from acquiring adequate oxygen levels while they sleep. The most common causes of the condition are a deviated septum and the positioning of the jaw. A mouthguard moves the jaw and prevents it from blocking their airway. By using the mouth guard, the patients receive adequate oxygen and don’t awaken exhausted.

Preventing Snoring and Sleep Disturbances

Snoring is a common issue, too. It is a common problem for couples and causes sleep disturbances. It is also caused by the positioning of the jaw. In fact, snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea. The dentist provides a mouth guard to prevent snoring. However, if the patient has a more severe form of sleep apnea, a C-Pap machine is provided.

Lessening Jaw Pain

TMJ is a condition that affects the jaw and leads to pain and discomfort. It causes difficulty when chewing and could lead to a locking of the jaw. The condition could lead to discomfort due to tension in the jaw that causes patients to awaken in pain. A mouth guard could lessen the patient’s symptoms.

In Oklahoma, dental professionals prescribe devices to control symptoms of common dental conditions. The issues are often symptoms of underlying conditions that affect patients negatively. Sleep apnea and TMJ are conditions that lead to pain and discomfort. The issues also prevent patients from getting a good night’s sleep. Patients that want to learn more about receiving a Dental Mouth Guard in Tulsa OK can Click here now.

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