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Reasons to Shop the Pre-Owned Lot at a Volkswagen Dealership in Pittsburgh

Pre-owned vehicles come with a lot of promise. Here is why you should consider one as your next big purchase.

They Are Cost-Effective

While a once-brand-new vehicle might still have all of its bells and whistles a couple of years down the road, the truth is, its worth is rapidly depreciating. In fact, a new car will lose half of its value within the first three years. This is great news for those shopping the pre-owned lot at a VW dealer in Pittsburgh as shoppers can purchase their favorite model at a fraction of the original price.

They Are Durable

A lot of people avoid pre-owned models for fear of acquiring a vehicle with mechanical issues. And while this concern was once valid, it is now severely outdated. Manufacturers have worked hard to develop more durable models that require far less maintenance, making used cars from a VW dealer in Pittsburgh fit for the long haul.

They Come With Lower Insurance Costs

Most states require drivers to have liability insurance at the very least. And while one’s age, gender, and driving history might make them eligible for a lower rate, that discount might not be very much for new vehicle owners. However, as the value of pre-owned vehicles tend to be much lower in comparison to their counterparts, those lucky drivers will be granted cheaper rates.

Whether you are looking to jump behind the wheel of your favorite pre-owned vehicle or are hellbent on driving away with a brand new model, the experts at Hawk Volkswagen of Monroeville can make your vision come to life!

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