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Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

The real estate market may be booming across the country. However, that does not mean that everyone who owns a home is going to make money off of it. In fact, your house could be such a money pit that you cannot stand to think of owning a second longer than you must.

Rather than list with a real estate agent, which can be expensive and force you to pay a commission on top of listing fees, you may decide to sell it directly to an interested buyer. By selling it to a company with a slogan of We Buy Houses Greensboro homeowners like you can cut out the middle man and get cash for the value of your home.

With a company that advertises We Buy Houses Greensboro locals like you may see no reason to hire an agent to list and sell your home. After all, you have an interested buyer right there that is willing to give you cash for what your home is worth. Why would you pay a commission or listing fees for something you can sell by yourself?

Once you get in contact with the company, you can arrange for someone from it to come and inspect your home. The person will probably look at every nook and cranny to determine its value. You also may be required to provide proof of the county’s latest valuation of your home so the buyer knows what the going resale price is.

While you may not get more than what the home is worth, chances are you will get close to the resale value. Deductions might be made for home improvements that need to be done or taxes that need to be paid on it. However, the company will write you a check that you can take to your bank and deposit.


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