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Reasons To Contact A Gluten Allergy Doctor Evansville IN

People who have regular bouts of fatigue, unexplained skin rashes, joint pain, unusual variations in their weight, or issues with bloating may want to find out if they have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Allergy symptoms such as having a runny nose or itchy eyes may also indicate that a person is allergic to wheat. A person who has to deal with these reoccurring conditions should make an appointment with a Gluten Allergy Doctor Evansville IN. Celiac disease tests, skin prick tests or other tests may be recommended in order for the doctor to make a diagnosis.

Working with a doctor that has experience diagnosing issues with gluten allergies and sensitives can prove to be very helpful. People may not have any idea that gluten is causing the problems that they are experiencing. Sometimes people suffer for years before reaching out to get help with their symptoms. Gluten sensitivity affects millions of people. One out of every one hundred people in the United States have Celiac disease.

It may be a good idea for people who are experiencing unexplained health issues to choose to temporarily eliminate food that contains wheat, barley, and rye from their diets for a while in order to see if it helps them to feel better. Reading labels on food is very important for people who choose to do this because there may be trace elements of wheat in many food products. Food additives like vanilla flavoring and artificial flavoring may contain gluten. Even natural products like brown rice syrup can contain it. People have to be vigilant about making sure they avoid products with gluten if they suspect or have confirmed that they have sensitivities to it. Those who do a good job of avoiding gluten can manage their symptoms. However, There isn’t a cure for Gluten sensitivity and there isn’t a cure for Celiac disease. The only treatment for both conditions is a gluten-free diet.

A Gluten Allergy Doctor Evansville IN can help people devise a plan to keep gluten out of their lives. Many people report seeing a high level of improvement as soon as two weeks of changing their diets. Get more details on http://www.drsmithallergy.com

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