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Reasons that Chimney Leak Repair Service in Crofton is Needed

There are a number of reasons that a homeowner may need to seek chimney leak repair service in Crofton. Understanding what these reasons are will help some homeowners take steps to prevent the leaks from even starting. The most common reasons that chimney leaks occur can be found here.

Rain Coming in from The Opening in the Top

If a chimney does not have a cover, then it may see quite a bit of rain coming in. The cover will help to keep rain, animals and debris out of the chimney. It is a good idea to keep the cover on the chimney and in good repair since this will reduce the chance of it becoming blocked at the bottom.

Cracks in the Crown of the Chimney

Another reason that Chimney Leak Repair Service in Crofton may be needed is if there are cracks in the crown of the chimney. This is the cement portion that is found at the top of the structure. The bricks will go up and around the liners, but at the very top, there has to be something that keeps the tile and rain from falling in. If cracks are present, which can occur due to shrinkage or shifting of the structure, it means that leaks may occur.

Condensation Causing Leaks on the Inside

If a home is older, and there is unlined brick, the chimney may develop condensation on the inside. The fact is, gas fumes have a very low temperature and the majority have quite a bit of moisture present. These fumes can condense on the chimney, especially if it is too big and too old, which will soak the bricks and keep them covered in moisture for the majority of the time. In most cases, installing a chimney liner will solve this problem.

Additional help and information about chimney leaks can be found by visiting the visit Reliableroofers.net website. Don’t ignore an issue with water or moisture, since it will only get worse in the long run. By not ignoring a problem, any homeowner will be able to ensure their chimney works properly and that it is safe to use.

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