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Reasons to Hire Probate Lawyers in Chicago

Probating a will is a difficult process, which is why most executors of wills choose to hire probate lawyers in Chicago for help. The first step of this process involves validating the will, while the second involves the execution of its terms. Probate lawyers are able to offer invaluable help throughout this process.

Filing the Will

While it is possible for a deceased person’s representative to file their will without probate, this process involves a good deal of paperwork including the filing of a petition form. It can be helpful to have legal advice during this process to ensure all administrative paperwork is filed correctly.

Proving Validity

In many cases, there is no controversy regarding a will’s validity. However, just as often there are disputes regarding the legal sufficiency of probate wills. These documents must meet certain criteria in regards to both form and content and must be witnessed to be considered valid. In the event more than one needs to be filed, the most recent version typically takes precedence over any older versions, but it can still be helpful to hire a probate lawyer to offer advice throughout this process.

Estate Administration

Once the will has been validated, the estate must be administered according to the decedent’s instructions. To accomplish this, a representative must be chosen to inventory the estate’s assets, pay off any debts, and distribute assets to beneficiaries. If the estate is minimal it may not be necessary to hire a probate lawyer, but it’s always wise to seek legal advice regarding the administration of more complex estates.

Get Help Now

The best time to seek the help of probate lawyers in Chicago is as soon as possible after death has occurred. Seeking legal advice will ensure all assets are distributed appropriately according to the will’s terms and help to alleviate some of the stress associated with making final plans for the estate, giving executors of the estate more time to focus on helping other loved ones through this difficult time. Anyone seeking legal advice regarding probate law can contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells to schedule an appointment or browse their site online to find additional relevant information.

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