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Questions to Consider When Purchasing Ice for Parties in Long Island, NY

If you’re throwing a large party, putting together a wedding reception or planning work function, don’t forget about this one significant component — ice. However, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before checking ‘ice’ off of your party to-do list. Read on to learn more.

How Much Ice Do I Need?

Consider how many people will be in attendance. You’ll need 1 pound per person if your event is held indoors and in controlled conditions. If you’re outdoors, you may need up to 1.5 pounds per person.

Is My Party Date Confirmed?

You don’t want to buy ice for the wrong date because unlike party decorations or a cake — ice won’t last an entire day if you’re behind schedule. It may not even last a few hours if you’ve changed your party itinerary around. Therefore, make sure everything is set in stone.

Do I Need Dry Ice as Well?

Regular ice is terrific for cooling down drinks, but dry ice is also a fantastic way to liven up any venue. It can create a mysterious fog around a stage or dancefloor. However, since dry ice is around -114 degrees Fahrenheit, always handle it with care.

Where Can I Get Ice For Parties in Long Island, NY?

If you’re left scratching your head, wondering where even to purchase ice in bulk, consider Website Domain. They can help you with the delivery and set up of the ice. They also use water from high-quality sources, so you’ll be able to taste the difference right away.

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