Questions a Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak, FL May Ask

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Lawyers

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Injuries sometimes occur because of dangerous conditions such as uncovered openings, broken stairs, defective structures, and poor maintenance. When someone is hurt on another person’s property, liability depends on who controlled the premises and why the victim entered. The collection of case law and statutes governing these cases is known as premises liability law. Below are several questions a premises liability lawyer in Live Oak, FL may ask a client.

Who Was Responsible for the Property?

Are property owners always responsible for injuries on their premises? What if someone is hurt in a rental home? From the victim’s point of view, the answers to questions of liability depend on who controlled the premises at the time of the event. Generally, the party occupying and controlling a property is liable for injuries, regardless of whether they are the legal owner. Like other parts of the law, there are exceptions, including when a property owner has kept control over the part of the property giving rise to the injury.

Why Was the Victim on the Property?

The second factor in determining liability is the injured party’s status relative to their presence on the premises. Florida law puts visitors into several categories, such as public invitees, business invitees, licensees by invitations, uninvited licensees, and trespassers. Regarding the last two categories, the person controlling the property only owes a duty to prevent known reckless or willful conditions.

Was the Injury Related to the Risky Condition?

Once a premises liability lawyer in Live Oak, FL determines who owes a duty of care to those entering a property, the final consideration is whether the harm was partly caused by the victim’s behavior, or as a direct and unavoidable result of a risky condition on the premises.

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If someone has been injured on another person or entity’s property in the Live Oak area, they have the right to gain compensation for their losses. Get help and advice from the knowledgeable legal team at a local law firm. Call today or visit for more details or to schedule a consultation with a local premises liability attorney.

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