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Questions Every Client Should Ask Their Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s a common mistake. A person gets injured and has not received adequate compensation so they decide they need the help of a personal injury lawyer. They use the phone book, pick out a name, and hire the first attorney with personal injury experience they find. Sometimes this works, but sometimes the details of the case just aren’t right for a particular attorney. If the client continues to use the attorney, the odds of the case getting lost go up.

The sad thing about this situation was that it could have been avoided, and the client could have won their case if they had just take the time to get some answers to a few key questions before officially hiring the personal injury lawyer.

Learning what qualifications a personal injury lawyer has shouldn’t be too difficult. Most attorneys are proud of their accomplishments and use them for their promotional work. You shouldn’t take these qualifications at face value. Don’t be afraid to check up on these qualifications. The simplest way of making sure a lawyer really has done everything they said will be getting in touch with the local American Bar Association who not only keeps track of attorney’s qualifications, but also monitors their legal ethics and procedures throughout the duration of the attorney’s career.

During the consultation meeting, you need to make it a point to ask about the attorney’s legal process. Just because a personal injury lawyer is well qualified and has a good record it doesn’t mean they will be the right fit for you. Asking about the attorney’s process does two things. The first thing learning the process does will be providing you with insight into how aggressively the attorney will be with regards to a case. The second thing you will learn will be how carefully they paid attention when you outlined your case. If they seem to customize their response to your case, or at least include details of your case while outlining the process, it’s a good sign you got a lawyer who really cares. If they don’t, you need to move on to the next attorney on your list. It’s very important that you be comfortable with your attorney’s process.

Some of the best attorneys are connected with a law firm. Generally this turns out to be a good thing. Being a part of a law firm means the personal injury lawyer will have access to additional resources a private attorney wouldn’t. The one thing you need to be very clear about before formalizing your relationship with the law firm, will be exactly who will be the primary lawyer on your case. Don’t be afraid to ask this question point blank.

Legal help can be expensive, especially good legal help. Don’t be afraid to ask about how much the attorney estimates your case will cost, and how much they need on retainer. You will be able to use this information to help you decide if pursuing the case will really be a wise financial move.


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