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Quality Landscaping in the Chicagoland Area

If you are searching for landscaping companies in 60523, you can stop your search right here because King’s Landscape Design is the company you are looking for. Started in 1959, we are a recognized leader in the industry, and we use innovative design and installation techniques to improve the curb appeal of your home and the quality of your outdoor lifestyle.

We offer so many services that the other landscaping companies in 60523 just can’t compete. Here is just a taste of what we do:

Plantings: We have a long-standing relationship with the area nurseries, and in fact, we have relationships with most of the major nurseries in the midwest. That is why our design team can design your landscape with common or unique flowers, shrubs, and trees. We even offer a 1-year warranty on any of our plantings, so you can choose your design with confidence.

Drainage: To protect your home and your yard, it is imperative that you have proper drainage systems in place. Our experts can assess your existing property conditions including the gutters, sump pumps, and sewer drains to make sure that you are in excellent shape. If not, we can create a plan to get you where you need to be.

Design: Our creative design team can create a conceptual idea for all landscaping projects including small homes to large commercial complexes. We will create something that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Water Features: The tranquility and peace that you can receive from a water feature have no comparison. Whether you are looking for something simple or a multi-tiered waterfall, our design team can create the perfect water feature to complement your property.

Lighting: To truly enjoy your outdoor living space, it must be properly lit. Summer evenings spent relaxing on the patio will only be half as enjoyable if you are sitting in the dark. Our lighting concepts can help add drama or whimsy to your outdoor space.

Maintenance: Life is busy, and you already have work and family obligations. Complicated landscaping upkeep is not something that you need to add to your plate. That is why we offer a full-service maintenance plan. Your gorgeous landscaping design can literally be no sweat for you.

Stop googling landscaping companies in 60523! You have found the answer you were seeking right here in King’s Landscape Design, a full-service landscaping company. We make outdoor living easy!

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