Quality Food Bags

Food grade plastic bags are essential to any business that produces, grows or prepares food for sale. The food grade plastic bags need to be easy to use, affordable and convenient. We make these types of bags in many different sizes. Perhaps you need to package small amounts of food in snack size portions for distribution at childcare centers or schools. We offer small plastic bags that are safe for a wide range of foods.

We also make plastic bags that hold big quantities of food. Maybe you sell 10-pound bags of pretzels. Perhaps cotton candy is your specialty, and you need bags that will not compress the spun sugar treats. We can help you with those big bags.

The food grade bags that we produce are safe for acidic foods, sugary foods and sticky foods. They accept labels with the product’s name, your company name, nutritional information and allergy information. This helps you stay in compliance with all of the local health requirements for your location.

If you need to ship food in plastic bags, you have come to the right place. Our bags are durable. They can handle plenty of vibration, even when they are full and sealed. The bags withstand extreme temperatures such as those in food storage warehouses and on trucks that are not refrigerated or air-conditioned.

Our durable plastic bags for food are easy to seal. This reduces the risk that insects or vermin will be able to get into the bag and spoil the food. It also reduces the risk of fungal or bacterial intrusion into the food. By using our bags, you will lose less of your product through spoilage. Your customers will be happy because the quality of the food that is packed in these food safe bags is excellent.

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