Quality Dentures From a Reputable Lebanon TN Dentist May21


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Quality Dentures From a Reputable Lebanon TN Dentist

Our teeth are a vital part of our body when it comes to eating our daily intake of food. They’re there to chew our food, making it easier to swallow and digest. They, however, require a lot of maintenance and care to keep healthy and strong. Daily brushing, rinsing, and flossing is the normal procedure your dentist will recommend to keep your teeth healthy and prevent decay. In the event that this isn’t enough, and you eventually do come to a point in life that you need to replace any of your teeth, there are solutions for you.

The most common solution for teeth replacement, are dentures Lebanon TN. Dentures are basically just false teeth, set into a mold that fits your gum line. These teeth are made of different materials depending on what your dentist will use, the most common being porcelain. They’re usually the cheaper of the solutions out there, implants being the most expensive. This is why dentures are chosen more commonly than implants.

Dentures require their own care and maintenance. This usually entails a soak in a denture cleaning product, and occasional scrubbing with a tooth brush to make sure there’s nothing stuck in any of the teeth. When wearing dentures Lebanon TN, you will need to apply a denture adhesive to keep them in place while wearing them. While the mold for your dentures will be molded to your gum line, they still require the adhesive to stay in place during normal use such as chewing, drinking, talking, and any other movements of your jaw that will occur daily.

The procedures for getting dentures in Lebanon TN usually take several visits. You first need to have your teeth pulled, whether you get all of them pulled at once or over sessions is up to your dentist based on your health and the quality of your teeth. The dentist will give you a period of time for your gum line to heal, before making a mold of your mouth for your dentures to rest in. Once your dentures are in, your dentist will schedule you to come in for a fitting. You will also have to make subsequent visits in order to get your dentures re-sized due to your gum line changing over time, as well as any repairs that need to be made should they break.

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