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Quality-Crafted Accordion Doors for Commercial Venues in Portland, OR

Folding accordion doors are a durable and appealing way to delineate areas in a commercial space. Whether it’s to provide greater access than traditional doors, limit distractions, create workable areas or open up an entire room, accordion doors present options.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

Commercial room dividers serve a range of functions.

  • Divided Areas – Larger rooms can become more practical and usable areas that allow focus.
  • Directing Traffic – Dividers serve in institutional and business settings by directing foot traffic or regularly or temporarily partitioning off out-of-use areas.
  • Waiting Areas – For temporary operations, screens can create a foyer or wait-space for new arrivals.
  • Workstation Privacy – Accordion doors can screen out public interaction during off-hours.
  • Affordable Second Walls – Dividers are an inexpensive option for setting up separate rooms or spaces for split teams.

Types of Commercial Doors

Design and construction for commercial room dividers follow various purposes:

  • Commercial Folding Doors – durable and aesthetic construction with options for latches, locks, curved tracks and multi-post expansion
  • Acoustical Doors – affordable sound reduction for offices, restaurants, assisted living, churches or commercial locations
  • Sealed Acoustical Doors – double-walled control for sound and heat-loss featuring acoustic lining and sealed perimeters
  • Transparent Folding Doors – multi-panel design for sight access, aesthetics and a level of security
  • Transparent Security Doors – a combination of enhanced security with visibility to preserve the appearance of retail venues
  • Aluminum Folding Doors – functionality and strength with a clean appearance for multiple installations
  • Aluminum Security Doors – extremely strong aluminum and steel-rod construction with a refined appearance and options for latches, locks and smooth action along curved tracks

Quality Crafted

Continual development and improvement over more than 30 years yield unmatched solutions in custom commercial room dividers. For accordion doors made to dimensions, hardware, colors and unique specifications, contact Accordion Door Store at (866) 246-6041 or online at https://www.accordiondoorstore.com/ today.

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