Qualifying for Workman’s Compensation in Bessemer AL

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Law

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Most people are aware of Workman’s Compensation in Bessemer AL and how it can help them obtain compensation for their injuries and lost wages if they’re injured on the job. Unfortunately, worker’s compensation may not be available to them in certain cases. Anyone who is injured at work can apply for worker’s compensation on their own, but they may want to speak with an attorney to ensure they’re eligible, and they receive as much as they’re able. Some of the reasons a person can be disqualified include the following.

Drugs or Alcohol Involvement

A person who is injured at work will need to pass a drug test to ensure they were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they were injured. If they fail the test or refuse to take the test, they will not be eligible for worker’s compensation. The test must be taken within a specific time frame so the person will need to contact their boss quickly to ask about the testing procedures for their workplace.

Failure to Follow Safety Protocol

If the person does something intentionally that goes against safety protocol for the company, they may be disqualified for worker’s compensation. The business may claim they injured themselves on purpose to receive a settlement and not have to work.

Failure to Fill Out Paperwork Correctly

A person has to fill out paperwork in order to receive compensation. If it is not filled out correctly, is missing information, or is not filed in time, the person may no longer be eligible for worker’s compensation. This is one of the most reasons cited when worker’s compensation is denied, and it’s something that’s often simple to avoid.

Hiring an attorney can help a person ensure they receive Workman’s Compensation in Bessemer AL. They’ll be able to get answers to any questions they may have, ensure everything is done correctly, and ensure they do not lose their chance for compensation because of a small mistake. If the person has already been denied, they may be able to Contact Forstman & Cutchen or a similar law firm to find out if they can appeal the decision. If so, the attorney will do everything possible to ensure the person receives the compensation they need.

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