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Qualifications to Become an Electrical Contractor in Houston TX

Not every person that claims to be an Electrical contractor in Houston is licensed. The state of Texas has regulations that someone must meet before they can obtain this notification. A licensed Electrical contractor in Houston is the most qualified person you want handling the work in your home. Anyone else can create damage, injuries, or poor workmanship. Be sure to check who will work on your property.

A basic electrician must have years of experience and work under a master electrician to get certified. After the basic training has been completed can a person apply for a basic electrician license. This still does not meet the requirements to be a electrical contractor. Further study and a higher level is needed.

Until one becomes licensed as a master electrician can a person apply to become an electrical contractor. As this might prove to be strenuous for many that want to start a company and begin services, they can take a shorter route. They will only need to hire a licensed master electrician to qualify.

The state only wants honest and trustworthy persons so they will perform a background check. They will look to be certain that there is no criminal activity listed for the applicant. Any negative history will disqualify their application and prevent obtaining the license.

One should also have adequate insurance to protect themselves and any other workers that they hire underneath them. This insurance is called liability insurance. If anyone becomes hurt on the work site the customer is protected from a law suit. They should also have worker’s compensation. This will pay a work for time away from the job due to an injury.

An electrician does not need to be a contractor to work in Texas, but they must still have a license. To be an Electrical contractor in Houston they must be at the highest level and be classified as a licensed master electrician.

To maintain this level they will need to continue training and take continuing educational courses to renew. The other items will also still need to be checked. If any of the other conditions change it can impact the validity of the original license.

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