Purchasing a Used Tuscon Arizona Sport Bike-What to Look For Aug09


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Purchasing a Used Tuscon Arizona Sport Bike-What to Look For

If you wish to purchase a Tucson Arizona Sport Bike, but find the one you want is out of your price range, consider buying used. Many choose to do this with great success and the key to doing so is to know exactly what to look for when you go to inspect this bike. Having this information ensures you know exactly what to expect when you go to take your new bike out for its first ride.

Before you go to look at a specific bike, research the particular make and model to have a better understanding of known problems. In addition, taking this step guarantees you know the drawbacks of the bike you are considering purchasing. This allows you to pay closer attention to these flaws when you take a test ride.

When purchasing a used Tucson Arizona Sport Bike, there is a big difference between cosmetic damage and mechanical. Ask if the bike has been modified in any way, it it was used for racing or if it has ever been in a wreck. Expect to see some scratches and dents on the bike as many do incur these in the garage or during a low speed lay-down. Pay close attention to details such as this so you get a fair price during the negotiation process. If you see shallow, short chips and scratches, the bike has likely been tipped over. If the scratches are long, deep and parallel or you notice cracks, the bike has been in a crash.

Start your inspection with the tires and, if any unusual wear is noticed, ask for more information on why this is the case. Look at tire tread depth and uneven tire wear. Watch for dry rot and check both side of the wheels for cracks and dents. You’ll also want to look for wear on the chain/sprocket in the form of hooked teeth or a stretched chain. Test all pedals, levers and the throttle to ensure they work properly and watch for visible corrosion on electrical connections.

Check the gas tank to see if you spot a milky-paint like coating or rust on the inside of the tank. If the gas is the color of tea, it needs to be changed and you should inspect the oil also. Carefully inspect any Tucson Arizona Sport Bike you are thinking about buying to ensure you get a good deal. Visit us at  Musselman’s Honda.


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