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PupLight Lighted Dog Collars Help Dogs See

464518_lAs dogs age, they develop a condition called Nuclear Sclerosis.  This is when the lens hardens and can make vision difficult.  Dogs six and older often develop a bluish-grey haziness at the center of their eyes.  That is Nuclear Sclerosis and can eventually make it difficult for your dog to see, especially at night.  Unfortunately, there is no cure; however, you can make it easier for your dog to see by using lighted dog collars.

Cataracts are another common ailment in dogs. Cataracts most commonly develop due to inherited conditions and diabetes.  Cataracts are an opacity in your dog’s eye and make your dog’s vision very blurry.  Cataracts can be surgically removed with an expensive procedure.  Some dogs develop a condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is the deterioration of the retina caused by the progressive and eventual death of the cells of the retina. This disease leads to night blindness and eventually total blindness and there is no known treatment.

Dogs that have lost or are slowly losing their vision sometimes lose confidence and owners see a difference in their behavior and personality.  PupLight lighted dog collars can help ease the effects of these otherwise painless ailments.  Owners who have used a PupLight have experienced tremendous results as their dogs have a new-found confidence maneuvering in and outdoors.

One owner even decided to keep their PupLight lighted dog collar on all night so their dog was able to see if they got up in the middle of the night.  The light helps your dog to see and you to see your dog.  Once dogs have started to get blurred vision, they shy away from investigating the yard.  They might only go out a few feet to do their business and promptly come back in.  Lighted dog collars have proven that they help dogs to see and return their sense of adventure to peruse the yard.

Owners do not like to see their pet in pain or struggling with normal activities.  A PupLight collar is a great and easy way to help your dog cope with vision loss and return to his care-free happy life.

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