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Protection in a Rain Storm

Weather is a constant reminder that we have limits. The weather can cancel big events and big plans. Bad weather can come out of the blue and cause a lot of damage and cost millions and sometimes billions in repairs. Being prepared for varying weather conditions in your area is very important.

The most common weather event we experience is rain. When it rains, it is most convenient to stay inside and wait until the rain stops. Most people have things to do like go to work and to school, so staying out of the rain isn’t always an option. If you have to go out in the rain, there are things you can wear and carry with you to stay dry.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are a great investment. They are made of a sturdy plastic that repels the water. Have you ever walked into a puddle by accident? You probably pulled out a wet pant leg, a soggy sock inside of an even soggier shoe. It can slow you down a lot. Having a good pair of rain boots can make it so your pants, socks and shoes stay dry. You can comfortably walk through puddles without any accidents. Since you wore boots on your feet, you may need to carry another pair of shoes to change once you reach your destination. Rain boots dry quickly since the plastic does not absorb water but instead repels it. They can conveniently be stored in closets and mud rooms.


A rain umbrella is another great tool to use during a rainstorm. There are many different kinds of umbrellas available. There are small, compact umbrellas made to fit in pocketbooks and backpacks or briefcases. There are more moderately sized umbrellas that come with a lanyard so you can wrap it around your wrist to keep track out if. Then there are large umbrellas. These offer the most shelter during a storm. Their wide coverage makes it so one person gets maximum coverage or you can share the protection with someone else. An umbrella is an important item to own to protect yourself from the rain.

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