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Protecting Your Valuables Even when You are Not Around

Are you planning for a vacation? How long will you leave the house all by its lonely self? If your vacation means an extended stay in some far-off place, be sure to have the home secured and what better way to enhance its protection than through Locksmith Westchester County. Burglars love empty homes. They have all the time to ransack for valuables. They can look at all the rooms and closets since they are not pressured for time. If you don’t give ample protection for the home, you might find yourself returning to a broken door with all your valuables gone.

By employing different security strategies, you can keep your home safe and protected while you enjoying the vacation. Locksmith Westchester County can provide you with suggestions on how to deter burglars and criminals from entering your home. The locksmith can install locks that can endure harsh punishment from burglar tools. A security system or monitoring device can deter criminals. You enjoy the benefits of the skills and experience of locksmiths to see to it that the home is kept safe. However, there are also techniques to make the home burglar free.

1. Turn on some of the lights or even music so that the burglar will assume that there is someone occupying the place. Burglars will think twice before entering a home with the obvious signs of human presence.

2. Tell your neighbors that you will be leaving an empty house. This will alert them to any strange sounds or strangers who will go near the home. You can ask the neighbor to regularly check the immediate vicinity of the home if there are signs of an intruder.

3. Before leaving the home, check all doors and windows if they are properly locked. Many homeowners forget to lock windows since they are always focused on the kitchen doors and front doors.

4. Close all curtains and pull the shades down to make it difficult for any individual to see the insides of the home. Many potential burglars will usually spend some time to check a house they are planning to enter. They don’t just do it at random. What kind of locks do your windows have? Have Locksmith Westchester County install more secure locks since most burglars enter through windows and not doors. Although windows can be entered by physically smashing the glass, burglars don’t usually do this since it attracts a lot of attention.

5. If you have a safe, lock all cash and valuables inside including whatever documents that may be difficult to replace. Try to think of ways with which the safe can be made unnoticeable like covering it with a painting or an artwork. A safe protects valuables not only from burglars but unfortunate incidents of fire.

6. Put everything in the yard in proper order. Mow the lawn and clean the yard to make it appear that someone is taking care of it. Once the house looks occupied, it is a form of deterrent for burglar. Make it hard work for a burglar to enter your home.


Locksmith Westchester County has innovative ways to provide your home with security and protection to allow you to have fun while on vacation. For more information, visit High Security Safes & Locks online.

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