Protecting Your AC During the Winter

The primary function of an Austin air conditioning system is, of course, to keep homes cool during the blistering Texas summer. But even in Austin, the weather does start to cool off at some point, and during the winter it’s unnecessary to keep the air conditioning running unless it also serves to provide heat. Many of us find that when spring arrives and we turn the air conditioning back on, it doesn’t function as well as it did before. In Austin, where the weather can be unruly and you find yourself using the air conditioning one week and the heater the next week, this is a common reason that people call for Austin air conditioning repair.

So why does this happen? Most central air conditioning boxes are located outside the house where the harsh weather can do a considerable amount of damage. Left in the cold with zero maintenance, air conditioning systems can grow incredibly faulty. Unfortunately, many of us have no idea what to do in order to prevent this because a lot of us don’t know exactly how air conditioning systems work. In the end, we’re often forced to call an Austin air conditioning repair professional to fix something we could have prevented.

Most experts say that the best thing to do over the winter is to cover your air conditioning unit. The unit works by taking air in from outside before cooling it and then circulating it through the house, but the condenser and coils can easily be damaged by harsh winter weather. By covering the air conditioning unit, you can prevent the frigid winds from tossing rocks, sticks, and chunks of ice into the air conditioning vents. In doing so, you preserve the system’s functionality until it’s time to begin using it again when the weather warms up.

You can buy very sturdy covers designed to protect your air conditioning unit for up to six months when lots of snow, ice, and wind are in the forecast. The problem is, there are also a few potential cons to doing this, as well. While these covers do a great job of keeping the system free of debris, people often use them improperly. Failing to cover your air conditioning unit correctly can result in lots of trapped moisture, which is incredibly damaging during the winter because of the way water expands when it freezes. In addition to this, many people say that protecting your air conditioning unit from the elements makes it a prime refuge for rodents, which may chew at the wires inside the system.

In the end, you’ll have to measure the benefits versus the potential drawbacks of covering your air conditioning during the winter. Consult with an Austin air conditioning repair professional who can advise you based on the environmental factors unique to Austin.

Indoor Weather Professionals, Inc. provides residential and commercial Austin air conditioning repair and services. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest air conditioning, heating and appliance technology. Our repair specialists are EPA certified, and we pride ourselves in being a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) company. Locally owned and operated, we’ve offered exceptional service and prices since 1994. Visit us online at or call 512.528.8288.

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