Protecting the Home with Common Cockroach Control Techniques Aug11


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Protecting the Home with Common Cockroach Control Techniques

Nobody wants to share their home or even worse, their bed, with cockroaches. These insects may not sting or bite a human however they do pose a threat to health. How, you ask? Well, they are known for carrying bacteria on their body which can be passed on to whoever they come in contact with. Dumpsters, bathrooms and drains are the most common places where you may find these critters lurking, simply because cockroaches can adapt readily to most environments. What’s more, they can breed at a rapid rate and with that being said, you should take it upon yourself to manage a cockroach invasion with some simple techniques.

Pest Control Companies

Perhaps the most reliable way to rid your property of roaches is to call in the experts. A professional pest control team, like Flick Pest Control Dubbo, will use specific equipment, techniques and non-chemical pesticides to banish the critters, without spreading toxic chemicals around the home. After pest control services have been carried out, you can expect the Dubbo Pest Control specialists to perform a follow-up examination to assess affected areas and ensure the problem doesn’t return.

Proper Sanitation

The cleaner your home, the lower the chances of an insect invasion! Moisture and food are two things that cockroaches will look out for when trying to seek out a ‘home’, so always clean up after yourself. Wipe down surfaces regularly and store food in sealed containers. You may also want to use plants and caulk to prevent cockroaches from making their way inside the home through the smallest of cracks.

Botanical Insecticides

The good thing about using botanical insecticides for cockroach control techniques is that they are usually natural and plant-based. Plants produce chemicals and some produce essential oils, like lavender, thyme and clove oil. Non-toxic, botanical insecticides are safe for use indoors and outdoors. It may also be worth trying out wettable powders, also known as WP’s.

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