Protecting Your Precious Bitcoins

The value of bitcoin fluctuates wildly. However, as bitcoin is becoming more well-known, it is becoming more wanted and desired. Because of this, more instances of hackers are sneakily stealing other individual’s bitcoin investments. Even if it is in a virtual environment, nobody wants their property taken from them against their will. The idea of logging into your account only to see your entire wallet has been emptied is frightening. There is good news though. There are options out there to help you keep your precious Bitcoins safe and secure. Some options work better than others.

Desktop Storage

When you purchase bitcoin using an Bitcoin ATM in Atlanta, GA, you will have an option to store your bit coins in a wallet that is located on your computer’s desktop. Storing in this fashion is a safer solution then using an online wallet where it has exposure and vulnerability to hackers. When you choose to use a desktop wallet, there is only one way to access your bitcoins. Because its stored on your computer’s desktop, the hacker would need to have access to your security keys. This in itself makes it harder for anyone to break in. There is one catch however, malware can still lead to a breach.

Hardware Wallet

The next safest option after a desktop, is a hardware wallet. This type of wallet resembles a piece of hardware that looks very similar to a USB stick. One of the reasons it is very popular is because it has a higher level of anonymity. The less personal information available the better. With a hardware wallet, none of your personal information is included in the data. Another reason why a hardware wallet is a great option is because it is less likely to be affected by malware.

Paper Wallet

Another option for storing your Bitcoin from an ATM in Atlanta, GA, is a paper wallet. Those who have a more advanced awareness of how digital currencies like Bitcoin work may prefer this method. A paper wallet can be generated online or offline, depending on your preference, although offline is more secure. The wallet is then stored in a physical location. This is the most anonymous option since the only information needed is included on a piece of paper.

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