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Protecting Furniture During a Move

During preparations for a move, there are a number of things the homeowner needs to consider. One of the most important is something that is often overlooked or considered to be just an afterthought and that is protecting your furniture during the move. When working with a Northridge moving company, here are some things you can do to help keep your furniture safe and protected during the journey:

  • Protect the legs of your furniture by wrapping them with towels, rags, or old socks to guard against scratches and dings.
  • When moving fragile items, wrap them in soft rags or bubble wrap and then carefully pack them into boxes. This will guard against shifting and breaking during transit.
  • Wrapping larger pieces of furniture like couches and reclines can help protect against rips and tears and will keep them cleaner during the move.
  • For bulky items that can be cumbersome or hard to box up, like rakes, brooms, mops and so forth, tie and tape them together into a bundle that can be easily placed on the floor or in the corner of the moving van.
  • If you have items that need to be dissembled, take all the screws and nuts and bolts and tiny pieces and put them in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the piece so everything is together when the time comes to reassemble.
  • Use tie straps to secure larger items like beds, dressers, and bookshelves in place so they do not shift and all during transport and do not damage other items in the moving van.

To learn more about how to make your move as safe and easy as possible for your furniture, contact a Northridge moving company today and see what they can offer you as far as services go. Many moving companies, like Ben Hur Moving and Storage, have years of experience serving LA and surrounding areas, so give them a call and take some of the hassle and worry out of moving!

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