Protect Your Home Or Business From Carpenter Ants Jul09


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Protect Your Home Or Business From Carpenter Ants

While some pests are simply a nuisance, others present danger and damage alike. Left unchecked, carpenter ants are one of the most insidious of these critters, and will eat through your home and wallet if not stopped in their tracks.

At Viking, we are committed to providing unique and comprehensive pest control solutions, and are dedicated to eradicating your property of pesky pests once and for all. Whether you have tried and failed to rid your house of ants or have only just begun to see signs of an infestation, we are proud to offer an extensive range of products to ensure that your home or business is safe and secure. From evaluation to extermination, our seasoned staff of trained technicians will eagerly work to reinstate the integrity of your property.

Whether you live or work in Long Island, you can rely on Viking Pest to protect your home or business from utter devastation. No matter how few or many carpenter ants you’ve seen, it is never too early to call the pros and give these tiny troublemakers a prompt sendoff.

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