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Protect Your Home Investment With Help From Electricians in Orange County

Industry experts report that home electrical fires damage more than 50,000 U.S. homes every year. The majority of those fires could have been prevented with an electrician’s help. Electricians in Orange County recommend property owners take the time to have their home electrical systems evaluated to spot potential problems now. That’s especially important for older homes that haven’t had an electrical system update since the home was constructed.

Start With the Service Entrance

The service entrance, or breaker box, control the distribution of electricity throughout a home. Older homes were typically equipped with 100 amp panels or, in some cases, even less power. That’s not considered sufficient for modern homes. If your home’s electrical distribution panel is rated at 100 amps or less, it’s time to contact Electricians in Orange County for a complete evaluation of the home’s electrical system.

Protect Your Electronic Items

In the past, homes rarely had many electronic devices. Televisions and stereo systems were common, but few other devices relied on complicated electronics. The proliferation of home computers changed all that. Today, homes routinely have sophisticated computers, entertainment systems, and smart appliances. Heating and cooling systems increasingly rely on electronic controls to function, and even security systems are now common. All those items need to be protected from power surges or brownouts that could damage their circuits. Electricians recommend updating electrical panels and wiring to minimize any potential threats to those investments.

Take Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption

Another issue plaguing homeowners is rising energy costs. Local electricians work with property owners to devise strategies that will reduce energy costs. In many cases, that’s as simple as updating old, inefficient lighting with new, innovative fixtures and bulbs. At the same time, worn components like outlets and switches can be replaced to create a safer environment for everyone.

If your home’s electrical system is older or experiencing any problems, now is the time to contact a local electrician for help. The experts at Gerhard Electric are always willing to schedule appointments to evaluate older electrical systems and recommend ways to minimize the potential for any safety-related issues to develop.

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