Protect Eye Health For a Lifetime: Visit an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay, WI Jan18


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Protect Eye Health For a Lifetime: Visit an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay, WI

People rely on the health of their eyes every day. Every stage of life has different risks, and people need to be aware of why regular eye care is so important even when their eyesight is perfect. Here are some of the examples of why annual visits to the Ophthalmologist in Green Bay WI are important at every stage of life.

During Early Childhood

A lazy or crossed eye is easy to fix when children are young. If corrected early it will often not affect their eyesight. Poor vision is not always easy to diagnose in children, and they do not always realize there is a problem. Without correction, children could fall behind in their studies because they are not able to read or see what is happening at the front of the class. Vision exams detect small deficiencies before a learning delay occurs.

Through Their Teens

Regular eye exams prevent teenagers from suffering from headaches and eyestrain if their vision changes. The eyes experience more abuse today because of the electronic devices teenagers use so frequently. Dry eyes, blurry vision, and fatigue are common signs that the eyes are exposed to electronic screens too often.

Maintaining Adult Eyes

Young adults and people entering their 30s need annual visits to make certain their eyesight is corrected properly. Sun damage, work injuries, and eye strain are the most common concerns at this point.

Identifying Disease Early

Cataracts begin to form in the latter part of middle age, and eye exams may be the first notice people have of this correctable issue. Most cataracts form so slowly the individual is unaware they exist until it becomes severe. Eye exams from an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay WI also help to detect health issues like hypertension, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Vision problems are a leading cause of falls for senior citizens, so maintaining their eyesight is very important. The risk of cataracts increases as people reach the age of 60 and there are additional worries like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Vision exams are painless and fast. Most people only need to have their eyes checked once a year and healthy adults with no vision problems may be able to attend every other year. Find more information about maintaining eye health by scheduling an appointment with an ophthalmologist today.

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