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Project Compliance and Labor Laws Giving You Nightmares? Helpful Solutions

Doing any major project, from construction to mining, requires obeying local labor laws. It’s insane trying to stay on top of what this city, that county, a state, or the other country demands for fair labor practices. Certainly, some things are a given, such as no one under 14 should be allowed to do dangerous work, but there are other laws you might not be aware of. When all you want to do is proceed with your project, you should hand off compliance matters to a third party to handle these things for you.

Public Works Compliance

Public works compliance is staying within the boundaries set for the use of water, electrical, gas, sewer, etc. Not being in compliance with these local laws results in hefty fees, but not everyone can memorize a three-inch-thick binder of these laws and attempt to stay in compliance. Having a third party assess your project for potential public works issues and then let you know how to avoid those issues can save you countless hours of revision and tons of money.

When to Work Your Crew

Another potential labor issue arises when you may be restricted to certain working hours. While completing projects when most people are tucked into bed sounds ideal, it may not be allowed under local labor laws or trade unions. Find out when you can work your crew so that you can properly set work schedules and complete projects faster and more efficiently. A third party can do the research for you.

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