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Professional Tooth Whitening at a Cosmetic Dentist in Cape Girardeau, MO

As we age, our tooth enamel begins to weaken and become porous allowing stains to set in. This discolouration is caused by many factors such as diet, medications, tea, smoking, wine, soda, excessive fluoride, coloring additives, sugar, and coffee. There are some steps you can take to decrease further tooth discolouration like flossing, brushing, and using a straw when drinking. A Cosmetic Dentist in Ft. Myers FL can help with stains that have already set into your tooth enamel. Having a professional dental tooth whitening can remove stains and increase the whiteness of your teeth.

Although this procedure can be done at home, allowing a Cosmetic Dentist in Ft. Myers FL to perform this procedure is safer and obtains better results. Overbleaching can cause damage to tooth enamel causing tooth sensitivity. Burns, gum discolouration, and gum irritation are some of the other common dangers associated with home whitening kits. Dental whitening uses a stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide making the procedure a quick one time affair verses repeated home treatments. Having a trained professional perform this procedure also minimizes the risk and damage to tooth enamel and also reduces the risks for burns and gum irritation. If your teeth have begun to yellow as you have grown older, teeth whitening may be a good option to restore whiteness. However, it may not remove discolouration due to medication use, or minerals contained in your water. These issues requires a different form of dental treatment. Some other things to consider include having old fillings or other dental work redone or replaced after whitening, because this procedure will not change the color or appearance of previous dental work.

During your initial dental appoint, the dentist will determine which whitening process is best for you, answer any questions, alleviate any concerns, and recommend other dental procedures that can increase the whitening results. Dental whitening can bring back your youthful smile. This in turn can increase self confidence, self esteem, and promote better oral hygiene. Having a bright white smile to show off can also make a good first impression on others. The more you smile the better you feel. Visit the website at 

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