Private Duty Home Care in Mclean, VA for All Needs Feb15


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Private Duty Home Care in Mclean, VA for All Needs

The need for private duty home care in Mclean, VA covers many situations and all ages. An elderly parent may simply need a home health aide to help two hours a day with activities of daily living (ADLs). A teenager recovering at home from an accident will require a visit from a physical therapist three times a week to regain strength in their legs. A child with special medical needs, such as gastrostomy tube feedings, will need a registered nurse to arrive at lunch time.

Coordinating Care

Complicated needs may require more than one home health professional. Free in-home assessments are completed to help family members understand what is appropriate to meet those needs. A speech therapist can be helpful to someone recovering from a stroke. That same person may also need an occupational therapist to determine what adaptations are best suited for eating utensils. An LPN will be assigned to visit two or three times a week to monitor vital signs and set up medications for the week.

Family First Homecare, one agency that provides multiple services and professionals, makes the coordination of care easy. Consistent care translates to better care with increasing comfort levels on the part of the patient. It is easier to get used to a core group of people rather than different care givers arriving every day.


There are some clients that only receive a few hours of home care in Mclean, VA per day. Some will have a health aide stop by in the morning and again at night for proper grooming. Others require care twenty-four hours a day on a long-term basis. The agency has the capacity to fulfill all of those needs with aides, skilled nursing care, and therapists.

Extensive Training

It is difficult for family members to leave a loved one in the care of someone else. Family First completes thorough background checks and skills assessments on all their employees. Intensive training is completed before any professionals are sent into a home, and continued education is ongoing in the form of workshops, annual training, and demonstrations of skills. Visit the website to learn about all the services and professionals available to suit the needs of your loved one. Schedule an in-home assessment at your convenience to begin services on a short-term or long-term basis.

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