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Pricing Your Real Estate

When you have a piece of real estate you need to sell, one of the most important aspects of making the sale is pricing the real estate.  You will want to price your house somewhere in the middle where it is not too high or too low in order for it to sell quickly.  If you price it too high, you might scare potential buyers away.  If you price it too low, buyers might thing the real estate has problems you are trying to hide.  The middle price point is the best place to be, but it is not always easy to find.

In order to figure out where your real estate should be priced, look at the sales from the last six months that have occurred in your neighborhood and see how your house compares.  You might even want to attend a few open houses of real estate in the area that might be competition for your house.  You can also ask real estate agents for help selling your home, in which case they would do some of the research for you and offer price suggestions for your real estate.  You can even hire an appraiser to give you a price estimate regarding what your home is actually worth.  An appraisal is something a potential buyer may request at some point as it is so having the estimate in hand already is to your advantage.

Once you have a good price on your home, you will need to find ways to market it to the potential buyers.  If you hire a real estate agent, this might be done for you.  If you decide to sell the home on your own, you can list it on an MLS for a small fee.  You can also market your house online, in the newspapers, with a sign in your hard, by putting up flyers and in many other ways.  You should also spread word through your social network sites and with your friends.  You never know when someone might know someone who needs a house just like yours.

When the time comes and you get an offer on your house, you should be prepared to negotiate.  If the buyer gives you a full price offer, you have it made, but that does not happen very often.  The buyer will likely offer you something lower than the price you are asking and you will have to accept that offer or come up with a counter offer.  If you have a bottom price in mind, do not settle and go beyond that price just to make the sale.  If you do not feel comfortable negotiating yourself, you might want to hire a real estate attorney or a realtor to help you with that aspect of the sale.

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