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Preventing Problems With the Single-Stream Methodology Used by Recycling Centers in CT

When it comes to Recycling Centers CT facility managers and workers would love to see everyone recycle qualifying materials and to do so in a way that doesn’t ruin the load. Allowing individuals to place all materials in one bin, known as single-stream recycling, became prevalent nationwide as a way of encouraging more people to recycle. Unfortunately, this has also led to more contamination of various materials.

Food Waste

Food waste is a major problem at Recycling Centers CT has available for area residents. Consumers often don’t rinse glass, metal and plastic containers thoroughly enough. Liquids from these containers, including the water used to rinse them, leak out onto the paper in the load because they aren’t allowed to dry first.

Issues With Paper and Glass

Paper that has gotten wet cannot be recycled. Tossing used pizza boxes in with the paper is another problem; those boxes should go in the trash. Brightly colored paper in which the dye goes all the way through from front to back can also ruin a load of paper intended for a pulp mill. Also, glass fares badly in this methodology because it often is crushed during the process.

Nonrecyclable Materials

Many individuals are so eager to participate as fully as possible that they keep adding materials to the bin that aren’t recyclable or are not accepted by this particular facility. They don’t read the guidelines from the municipality or the waste pickup service detailing what should not be included. For instance, they don’t realize that the facility may not accept containers made of Styrofoam.

In Conclusion

Thus, single-stream recycling has turned out to be a mixed bag so far. A larger number of items are being brought to recycling centers, but a higher percentage now has to be sent to a landfill. The amount of material that is recycled now is higher than it was before single-stream technology, though.

None of this information should discourage people from separating materials to be handled by a company such as Calamari Recycling Co Inc. Single-stream recycling works very well for the most part, but it’s still far from being perfect. Click Here to view information about this particular recycling company.

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