Preventing Eye Injuries With Lacrosse Goggles

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Sports And Games

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Your eyes are the window to life and if you damage these in any way you could really sacrifice one of the greatest gifts, which is why if you play lacrosse you must wear lacrosse goggles. Lacrosse goggles should be worn by both male and female players. When selected carefully, you can find a pair of goggles that lasts you for many years. It is important that these pieces of apparel and very enduring, because the high-contact sport of lacrosse may result in numerous impacts being made in the direction of the eye region. Before you buy lacrosse goggles, learn about how to find a pair that fits and what materials to look for.

Lacrosse Goggles – Do They Fit?

When you purchase lacrosse goggles, you need to ensure that you have found a pair that sit comfortably on the face. If your lacrosse goggles are too tight, they could give you a headache, pinch your skin or leave unsightly marks. Alternatively, if they are too loose, they could fall off leaving you exposed to the harsh elements involved with this contact sport. Focus on the eyebrows and cheekbones when trying them on. Ideally, the goggles should be snug on these areas and if the goggles touch your nose, you should pick another pair. This is because if you wear lacrosse goggles that are in contact with your nose, your nose will feel the full force of an impact if the goggles are targeted by the ball.

Lacrosse Goggles – Materials

Be very meticulous when choosing lacrosse goggles because these will be the shield from a hard, 8-ounce rubber ball. A lot of damage can be caused if your lacrosse goggles are not durable, so aim to find a pair that is quality-built with the strongest materials. Goggles are an appropriate choice for females because males will have a mask that is heavy-duty and that covers most of the face. Most lacrosse goggles will be crafted with a stretchy band that fits around the head. Make sure this is very flexible but strong at the same time. It is a good idea to buy goggles with fitted titanium wire for extra protection and silicone padding around the goggles will make the apparel feel completely comfortable when moving.

Lacrosse Goggles – Where To Buy?

A number of stores will sell lacrosse goggles but when buying yours, you need to make sure that you do not invest in products from just anyone. Make sure the business has a good reputation for selling lacrosse goggles. Also, it would be useful if the staff members have knowledge on the game of lacrosse because understanding the sport will mean that they can give you tips and advice on the best lacrosse goggles to buy.

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